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The Inside Scoop On DC Insider Tours

Passionate Professionals Committed to Uncovering and Sharing DC's Past, Present, and Future

What Makes Our Tours Insider Tours?

Joining us for a tour is like walking on the moon: epic and unforgettable.

This is how we pull it off:

Our tours are unlike any others.

Sure, we give you the names, dates, and facts, and take you by the main tourist sites.  But we spend most of the tour telling the stories behind the stories, and sharing those mysterious “right-under-your-nose” sites and stories that have been forgotten or lost to time.  Did you notice the notch on that fence next to you?  Well, we did.  And we want to tell you how that notch connects to the Mexican-American War.

We give you the complete picture.

Your guide will kick off your tour with our trademark introduction, The Abridged History of DC™, jumpstarting your experience with over 220 years of DC history.  From there, you’ll venture into and learn about the multiple neighborhoods each tour includes, and your guide will bring the sites around you to life.  Simple residences become prime examples of an architectural era, odd plots of land transform into centuries-old design challenges, and an etching in a memorial tells the story of a man who became a legend.  By the end, you will walk away knowing more about DC than a local!

We take pride in bringing only professional tour guides onto our team, but we’re actually much more picky than that.

To ensure that you have an unforgettable tour experience, we bring on and train people who are already passionate and enthusiastic about DC and want to learn even more.  In addition, all of our guides have been entertaining audiences of different sizes for years, whether on stage, in the classroom, or in the courtroom.  But one thing all of our guides have in common is they are determined to make your DC trip a once-in-lifetime experience.

We specialize in perfection.

Before the tour even begins, you’ll receive our custom “Insider Guide to Washington, DC”, a jam-packed e-booklet of tips specially designed to make your DC visit flawless and spectacular.  We are also here to answer any questions and help set up another aspect of your trip.  And to ensure that your tour with us is pure perfection, we hand out custom DC souvenirs along the way and finish off with a sweet treat.

So check out the descriptions of our different tours listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.