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“Best of” Washington in 2017!

Step off, Segway tours. The coolest two-wheeled way to see the city’s sites is now on an electric bike, offered by DC Insider Tours. For $75 and up, riders pedal past the Capitol and White House and through Georgetown and Shaw, either under their own power or by letting the bike’s battery do the work. “Segways are limited to flat surfaces,” says DC Insider Tours founder Bo Stanton. “With the electric bikes, we can go faster and farther.”

Trailblazer Girl: Getaway

The best way to zip around DC! If you are in Washington DC, you must check out the amazingly awesome Full Throttle DC with our friends from DC Insider Tours. This three-hour+ tour uses top of the line electric bikes to see the whole city in the span of a day – yes, ELECTRIC bikes, so you can pedal if you want but you don’t have to (read: sit back, relax, and enjoy!). On a private tour, the extremely knowledgeable and accommodating guides cater to exactly what you want to see or you can join a group tour and see hidden gems including: Ford’s Theater, Hain’s Point, and Blagden Alley. You”ll be lead through the city using bike lanes and sidewalks so you’ll always feel safe. The helpful visual aids they use (e.g. old photographs, maps, etc.) give context into the deep history of the city and point out areas of interest that you wouldn’t normally notice. The bikes are super easy to use and come with helpful features like locking baskets, deep step thru, and comfortable seats. Plus, there’s the added bonus that since you’re on bikes, you don’t have to worry about parking, and it’s easy to get right up close to sites like the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Full Throttle DC tour is highly recommended and provides an intimate and fun look at DC – be a true insider with DC Insider Tours!”

Bride and Groom Washingtonian

Take Wedding Guests Out on the Town with DC Insider Tours

Your aunts, uncles, cousins, and your cousins’ kids are in town for the weekend for your wedding, and you have three options:

  1. Wear yourself out walking them through all the memorials and museums you’ve seen a million times.
  2. Send them out on their own, risking the chance they’ll get lost or be bored and show up at your big event irritated that you weren’t a better host.
  3. Book them a DC Insider’s Tour while you spend the day sipping mimosas and getting your nails done, resting up for the main event.

DC Insider Tours offer guided experiences of the nation’s capital, and they take the “insider” part seriously. Rather than roaming the Mall and snapping an over-done photo in front of the Capitol, your guests will get the juicy, behind-the-scenes details that only a local could provide. From the DC in a Day walking tour that covers the city’s notable neighborhoods and concludes at the White House to the Ghosts, Scandals, and Murder tour that drags more than a few of the city’s skeletons to light throughout Federal Triangle and Lafayette Square, each tour offers a special take on one of the world’s biggest tourist towns.


Washington, DC: an insider’s guide to eating, playing and staying

Insider knowledge: Several fabulous walking tours cover historic neighbourhoods, such as Adams Morgan, U Street, Georgetown and Dupont Circle.  Check out DC Insider Tours.”


DC Is The Real Sin City

The first thing that happens not long after I arrive in Washington, DC, is that the NRA decides, no, I cannot “spend a day at the NRA,” they have changed their minds. They do not explain why.No matter. I will find my vices elsewhere.

The next day, I meet Bo, a federal government employee who, during his off-time, runs DC Insider Tours. Of course, this isn’t just any DC tour. It’s a tour of the sinful history of the District.

“There are so many stories hidden on every corner, and that’s what I want to share,” says Bo, 33, who has a ponytail, a square jaw, and the infectious enthusiasm of someone preparing to climb Mount Everest, when I meet him at Temperance Fountain, a relic of the temperance movement and known as “the city’s ugliest fountain.” Once upon a time, it was believed fresh water could deter a man’s thirst for alcohol. Today, the fountain is out of commission, and there’s a Starbucks across the street.

We walk up Pennsylvania Avenue, heading for the White House. There is a lot of talk about Murder Bay. Long before it was the Federal Triangle, this zone was not populated by men in suits. It was populated soldiers, prostitutes, and criminals. The place reeked of sewage.

“This was just covered in sin!” Bo exclaims expansively as two super-sized strollers containing half a dozen small children bundled up for the chilly weather sail past him. I consider the Brutalist architecture and the gleaming Capitol and decide I am late to the party. About a century late.

Eventually, we find ourselves at the White House. There, a middle-aged man in a hat stands in the street, facing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He holds a large, worn Bible in his hands. Two police officers standing next to their vehicles eye the man warily.


DC Insider Tours allows international guests to hear learn more about capitol

From 1600 to current events, tour guides weaves the origins and history of Washington, DC, through DC Insider Tours. Between the historical account, the tour company throws in behind the scenes gossip, hearsay, and rumors of the wheeling and dealings of DC politics.”

Vacation Idea Magazine

Top 5 Romantic Thing to Do in DC

DC Insider Tours is a luxury tour company that offers visitors the opportunity to explore, uncover, and enjoy the rich history and heritage of Washington D.C. A choice of different types of tours are available to suit every need, from private chauffeured tours to walking and specialty tours. Professional and knowledgeable guides lead all tours, and they share the history of and interesting information about the city.

Visit areas of the city such as Dupont Circle and Georgetown, experience the city’s famous monuments by night, explore the many museums the city has to offer, or enjoy a specialty tour such as Ghosts, Scandals and Murder or Hail to the Cocktail. Tour groups are kept relatively small in order to ensure a personal experience, and all ages are welcome to participate.”


Three things to do in Washington, D.C.

Sign up for a tour with DC Insider Tours.

It’s a good way to spend a morning or afternoon. Tours allow visitors to cover a lot of ground in a short time frame. DC Insider Tours is one of numerous tour companies designed for international visitors and out-of-town guests. Behind-the-scenes stories are ideal for those who enjoy the gossip and glitter of politics.”

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