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DC’s Coolest Garage

Garage in Logan Circle coverted into a home

Washington is best known for its columned, neatly-proportioned neoclassical buildings.  Indeed, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson thought that ancient Greek and Roman architecture was best suited for America’s capital.  What better way to help legitimize a young and vulnerable nation than to use the classical architecture of those great empires who spawned the republican and democratic ideas that underpin the American political system?  But those who have spent any time on foot in DC know that the little architectural treasures scattered throughout the cityscape are the true gems of Washington, DC.  One such treasure can be found near Logan Circle in northwest DC, and Urban Turf, a DC real estate guide, gives you the entire scoop with pictures of what could possibly be the coolest garage in Washington.  Don’t believe me?  There is a zen-like garden with herbs and a beehive ON THE ROOF- and these are just some of the cool features of this garage.  Check it out here and judge for yourself:  click here