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Capital Fringe Festival 2013: July 11-28


While Washington, DC may not be famous for its arts scene, it is certainly known for the annual Capital Fringe Festival 2013 that kicks off today!  The District can boast that this is the second largest unjuried Fringe Festival in the nation, where performing arts of all types are debuted in a variety of venues with a focus on innovation and creativity.  From “Romeo and Juliet” to something called “A Guide to Dancing Naked”, Capital Fringe offers something for absolutely everyone.

What’s our pick?  Our history obsession has us drooling over a show called “1814! The War of 1812 Rock Opera.”  Described as an “unforgettable rock festival” we can’t wait to see the August 1814 burning of Washington, DC by the British brought to life.  Check out the show schedule here, and visit the Capital Fringe Festival 2013 page for more details and to find the show that speaks to you.