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Show Your Pride!


If you’ve taken one of our tours of Dupont Circle, you already know what an important place it is for the LGBT population.  Like Castro in San Francisco and Greenwich Village in New York, Dupont Circle has long been home to a vibrant LGBT community and takes pride in having witnessed so many pivotal events in LGBT history (post on that coming soon!).  The annual two-week LGBT celebration kicked off this week, and we are stoked for the events planned!

There are events for everyone, and they are not to be missed!  In particular, make sure to clear your schedule next weekend to attend the Pride Parade on Saturday and the Pride Festival on Sunday.  We’re expecting around 150,000 people at Sunday’s festival, so it is going to make for one spectacular party!  For the full schedule of events, click here.  Be aware that getting around the city during these events can be a little trying, so if you’re planning to be anywhere on time, plan your route carefully.  We recommend checking the city’s public transportation website regularly for delays and tips for getting around DC.