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The Alien’s Guide to the Ruins of Washington, DC


DC loves to embrace the weird.  Once, on a tour, we saw a group of people having a pillow fight next to the Washington Monument.  Naturally, one of them was dressed as a banana.  Another time, we saw a man attack another man with a hot dog.  Just another day in the life here in the nation’s capitol!  That’s why we weren’t shocked to learn that the Corcoran Gallery of Art is hosting a new exhibit entitled, “The Alien’s Guide to the Ruins of Washington, D.C.”

Apparently, this new project by Ellen Harvey is intended to peer into the far future, long after the human race has ended.  Of course, Washington, DC will still play host to tourists in this distant future, just of the extraterrestrial kind.  The exhibit is supposed to help the aliens make sense of the ruins they encounter.  The exhibit features a self-guided map of the landmarks of Washington, along with reconstructions and interpretations of DC’s most famous sites.  Harvey even went a step further, following the aliens through their attempts to interpret what they find in the city.  To see pictures and details, and plan your visit to the exhibit, visit the exhibition website.