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Back in Action!


Today’s the day! As of 1pm today, following this morning’s ceremony, the Washington Monument has re-opened. And it’s about time.  It closed August 23, 2011 after the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that shook up the city left it cracked in several places. Then, two weeks after the earthquake, Hurricane Irene stopped by and filled the Monument’s cracks with water.

Hurricanes and earthquakes are a rarity in DC, so getting hit with both around the same time was surprising to say the least. Since many of our structures aren’t built to withstand them, particularly the very old ones, damage was unavoidable. Fortunately, the Washington Monument was treated the utmost TLC. It’s been sealed, repaired, and cleaned top-to-bottom for it’s big debut, and while we are slightly disappointed that it doesn’t have a big shiny bow on top, we’re happy with the results.

For tickets, visit the National Parks Service website. Free tickets are available daily on a first-come, first-serves basis at the Washington Monument Lodge on 15th street. For that option, be prepared to get there early and spend some time waiting. If you’d rather not wait, advance tickets are available online for a fee on the same website, although as of today they are sold out for several weeks. All tickets are for a scheduled time, so make sure you keep your schedule flexible to make sure you’re available at whatever time you are assigned.

If you want help or advice for getting tickets, or to book a tour to learn all about the Washington Monument’s fascinating history, call DC Insider Tours at (202) 744-4809 or email [email protected]