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Flippin’ Pizza is Flippin’ Great!

Flippin’ Pizza

This weekend, the DC Insider Tours team had the pleasure of stopping by Flippin’ Pizza in Dupont Circle for a lunchtime slice (or four). We’d heard good things, and always suckers for a New York style pie, we couldn’t resist checking it out for ourselves. Located right on Connecticut Ave, we loved the vibe at Flippin’ Pizza from the moment we walked in.

It has a somewhat modern, industrial feel, but still the hole-in-the-wall, homegrown atmosphere you’d expect from a really delicious pizza joint. The faces behind the counter were smiling and jovial, happily making suggestions and taking our order. Once our pizza came out of the oven and we took a few bites, the employees checked back in with us to make sure we were happy with the slices we chose. We nodded vigorously in response, mouths much too full to utter an ecstatic, “yes!”.

Flippin’ Pizza is one of the most authentic New York style pizza parlors we’ve encountered in DC. So if you’re hankering for some melted cheese on hand-tossed dough, make sure to stop by. You will not be disappointed!