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For $1.95 Million, Live in a DC Penthouse that Scarface Would Call Home


“I suppose you expect me to talk?” — James Bond, 007

“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.” — Auric Goldfinger, Goldfinger

A recently listed 8,500 sq. foot penthouse located in the well-known “Towers” for $1.95 million is, according to the realtor, “right out of a James Bond film!”  While this place certainly has lots of 1960s panache and charm, to me it screams 1980s.  If you are a Scarface fan, you might agree that this place could easily have been Tony Montana’s penthouse.  Updated in 1981, the condo, like Tony’s house in Miami, boasts flat, gold-colored shower stalls, an interior elevator, white marble floors and a “Velvet Room.”  There is no doubt that, like Marty McFly and the War on Drugs, a room lined in velvet is signature 1980s.

You be the judge.  You may actually want to snap it up, because at $224 per square foot, it is a great deal.  That is if you can afford the HOA fees, which are a villainous $7,000 per month.  Here is the link to the listing: click here