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Enjoy DC without a car!


DC is an easy and fun city to see on foot and by using the metro. We here at DC Insider Tours firmly believe in seeing the sites of our nation’s capitol up close! And, since there is a good metro in DC as well as a strong bus system (including the DC Circulator, which is $1 per ride), then we might as well leave the car at home!

If you’re flying to DC, then of course you will have to find parking at the airport of your departure, for this ParkFellows can be a good help. It’s a website that helps you find parking at airports all around the country. You can book your spot in advance, and compare prices and details about the various parking options of each airport.

Once you make it to the District, it’s a good idea to keep the DC metro site handy on your phone, just in case there are any delays (and there sometimes are) of which you should be aware. Fortunately, DC is not a very big city, geographically speaking, and many great sites are within walking distance of each other!