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Bringing Your Dog to DC?

Kaylee and Bo enjoying the fireworks on July 4th a few years back. Please note Bo’s fabulous mutton chops.

Fancy DC private schools aren’t just for people! Becca and Oliver on Oliver’s obedience school graduation day.

One of the observations our tour guests often make is how many dogs they see while on our walking tours. It is absolutely true that dogs are among the most enthusiastic lovers of DC, particularly the vast, lush lawns of the National Mall.

In fact, DC Insider Tours has two canine mascots, Kaylee and Oliver! So if you are planning a trip to DC and wondering what to do with your pooch, we’ve got your answer: bring him/her!

We’re big fans of the website, especially the page listing DC’s many pup-friendly hotels, attractions, and even restaurants. Take a look yourself, and brace yourself for the awesome look on your dog’s face when he sees the sea of frisbee games, dogs playing, and children running all around him in the nation’s backyard. Need help planning your trip? We’ve got your back!

Call us at (202) 744-4809 or email us at for advice from real-life dog owners in DC: us!