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Let’s Play… Name That Frenzy!


If you missed the blooming of the cherry blossoms in DC this year, not to worry! There is an even more rare event coming to the District.  Here are a few clues about what’s coming to Washington:

  • The last time this happened was in 1996.
  • The sound it creates has been compared to a subway train.
  • The Washington Post referred to it as a “frenzy of sex and death.”
  • States along the US East Coast from North Carolina to Connecticut will be (probably reluctant) participants.

Give up? The cicadas are coming! Every 17 years, these giant bugs emerge from the ground to mate, lay eggs, and die. While this event may not be as beautiful or serene as a walk around the Tidal Basin during peak cherry blossom season, it is certainly a more unique experience! To read all about what you can expect, check out this article from the Washington Post.