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Taste of the Week: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill


This week, DC Insider Tours checks out Lime Fresh Mexican Grill to bring you the scoop!

I remember it like it was a yesterday.  I left work in the evening and headed straight for the Potbelly Sandwich Shop on 7th street.  As I approached the doors, dreaming of the Mediterranean sandwich waiting for me inside, I noticed something unusual.  The shop was dark, and a sign was on the doors… “closed.”   My heart raced, my palms began to sweat- I reached for the doors and attempted to pull them open, desperately hoping the sign was wrong.  They wouldn’t open.  I was devastated.  Potbelly was gone for good, and I didn’t even get to say good-bye.

It took a few weeks for me to begin to recover from the loss of my precious Potbelly.  I tried out other fast food options in the area.  They were greasy and unsatisfying, and left me reminiscing about Potbelly’s broccoli and cheese soup.  But from death comes life, and from the ashes of Potbelly arose a new, un-disgusting fast food option: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

I’ve been to the Pentagon City Lime, and always enjoyed it.  The food is fresh and clean, the burritos are packed, and the sauce bar is… saucy.  So when the retail space that used to house Potbelly sported a new sign, “Lime Fresh Mexican Grill,” I rejoiced- it wouldn’t be Potbelly, but it would still be delicious!

I finally got the opportunity to try out Chinatown’s latest addition today, and since I’ve been to other locations, I knew what to expect.  But, to my surprise, I found the 7th street location packs a little more personality than the others!  The décor was more festive, and they have one of those cardboard stands with face cut-outs so patrons can take funny pictures.

I had calleIMG_1802d ahead, so all I needed to do was pick up my order, and stock up at the sauce bar.  For the most part, it went smoothly, but I was a little taken aback when one of the staff scolded another staff member right in front of me.   It was totally unprofessional, and wasted precious seconds I could have spent stuffing my face with a burrito.  But they more than made up for it by placing my order in a re-usable linen bag and giving me a free koozie.

When I got home, Bo and I tucked into our dinner, and it did not disappoint!  Just like the other locations, everything tasted fresh and delicious.  In fact, the sauces were even tastier than the ones we’ve had from Lime before!  We both cleaned out plates, dashing every hope we had for leftovers.  I hope Lime is a fan of DC Insider Tours, because we will be blurring the lines between patrons and stalkers from here on out.