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The All-Star Team

Those who stand out, even among the best!

Quick Details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Custom itinerary available—just ask!

With the assistance of a chauffeured vehicle, your private DC Insider Tours guide kicks off The All-Star Team tour at your hotel and then takes you to see each member of the All-Star Team. As you visit the greats – like The White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the World War II memorial – we will, in true DC Insider Tours fashion, share their unabridged, unabashed, and real accounts. For example, learn why the construction of the Vietnam War memorial was as controversial as the war itself, and why an anti-Irish, anti-Catholic party is the whole reason the Washington Monument stood unfinished for more than 20 years. It looked so terrible during that time Mark Twain described the monument “as a factory chimney with the top broken off.”

As we shuttle from location to location on this sightseeing tour of DC, there are several cameo appearances from other heavyweights from American history. Although largely overlooked today, you see a magnificent, 20-ft. tall granite memorial erected to immortalize the man who revolutionized naval warfare and ensured Yankee naval supremacy during the Civil War.  And located just down the street from him are more than 3,000 Japanese cherry trees that stand as a testament to the strong bond between two nations.  Indeed, tucked among and around all these monumental structures on the National Mall are plush gardens, lots of trees, and expansive verdant lawns. A true urban oasis.

By the end of The All-Star Team tour, you will have glimpsed into the lives of such people as Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr, and you will have visited some of America’s most sacred places, like The White House and the Vietnam War memorial.  But best of all, you will get to see each one in a new light thanks to your private DC Insider Tours guide who knows it is important to share all sides of each story when typically only one is told.  So if you want to see who made the roster of The All-Star Team, give us a buzz!