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The Best Way to Pretend it’s Warm!


We’ve always regarded the U.S. Botanic Gardens as a must-see in Washington in the winter.  Walking into the heated greenhouse into a sea of flowers and plants is the best cure for cold-weather blues, and is sure to thaw you out even after lengthy snow and ice spells like we’ve been having.

Things are about to get even more magical in the gardens starting next week, when the U.S. Botanic Gardens will collaborate with the Smithsonian Gardens to roll out the 19th Annual Orchid Exhibition: Orchid Symphony.  The Symphony will include a variety of orchids from all over the world, whimsical topiaries, musical fountains, and even an orchid chandelier.  The exhibition runs from February 22 to April 27, so there is plenty of time to check it out.  We recommend stopping by on a cold day for maximum effect!