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Our Pick for a Romantic Valentine’s Venue


There is one place in DC that never fails to sweep us off our feet: the National Mall!  So what better place to spend a romantic night then taking in the best view in the city?  That’s why our pick for most swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day outing is the The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink.  Tickets for adults are only $8.00 and the rink is open until 11:00pm on Fridays.  Best of all, the sculpture garden around the rink is the perfect place to wow your date with your insightful interpretations of modern art.

And what about the weather?  As far as we’re concerned, the snow is simply a lovely polish on the already beautiful canvas of the Mall, and only works in your favor in terms of a romantic setting.  However, if there is threat of rain or snow, be sure to call (202) 216-9397 to check if the ice rink is still open.  Most importantly, take pictures and send them to us so our team can high-five over your successful date.