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Flight Wine Bar, Our New Favorite Spot!


Chinatown has a new resident!  Its name is Flight Wine Bar, and we are officially in love.

As you may have gathered from past posts, we tend to be a little difficult to please when it comes to our bellies.  It has been a long time since we have been impressed by a new local eatery or bar.  But, lucky for us, Flight is both!

We have been to Flight now on two occasions, and both times have enjoyed chatting with Kabir Amir, who co-owns the joint with his wife.  Mr. Amir is superbly friendly and polite, and his true enjoyment of interacting with and pleasing his guests is evident.  He even spent an inordinate amount of time during our last visit helping our friend select the perfect drink to satisfy his cravings.  It was also apparent that he is very proud of the products he has carefully selected to include on his menu.  From the Victorian Lemonade to the Kirk and Sweeney Rum, Amir boasts like a proud parent about the craftsmanship that went into making each product and how it should be enjoyed in its pure, unadulterated state (are you sure you want coke with that rum, sir?).  All in all, Amir is a wonderful host who is sure to make everyone feel welcome at Flight.


Click to enlarge.

One of our favorite things about Flight is its wide variety of happy hour times, including weekend nights starting at 10pm.  The happy hour drinks are reasonably priced (starting around $7 for a glass of wine), and we have yet to be disappointed.  In a single evening we tasted Australian, Argentinian, and Austrian wines, and they were so pleasant that we had to have another (which, for us, is a hallmark of a nice wine).


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And as far as the food goes, we have sampled a few items of the menu and here are our thoughts:  Their pulled duck sandwich was good but a bit on the dry side (in our opinion, the spiced cranberry reduction was so good that it should have been part of the sandwich and not a decoration on the plate).  The savory cheese plate was well-rounded, satisfying, and included nice accoutrements like a ground nut paste and salami.  The mixed olives were surprisingly warm and had a strong yet elusive taste of fresh orange.  And our favorite dish so far has been the stuffed acorn squash – it was fantastic.  Even strict carnivores were impressed by the vegetarian dish topped with chili-lime dressing (click on our picture to the right to see it up close and begin salivating).

But what was the best part about the menu?  Everything is under $20!   It left us feeling like we had found a neon purple unicorn in the middle of DC.  So run, don’t walk to 6th & H Streets NW for a glass of wine and some yummy squash.  Chances are you will run into the DC Insider Tours team!

Current Dinner Menu: