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DC Gets a Little Funky


As a city of businessmen and politicians, DC has earned a reputation as a “nerd town” of sorts. You can expect at any given time to look out over a sea of pressed and starched shirts, pencil skirts, and neckties.  But even the squarest city needs to let loose every once in a while.. and get a little funky.  That’s why DC Insider Tours could not be more excited for the inaugural Funk Parade this weekend!

Taking place throughout the U Street area from 9th to 16th streets, the Funk Parade promises music and dance performances, family-oriented activities and workshops, and something called a “Flash Mop” (yes, MOP.)  If the Funk Parade website is any indication, it’s going to be memorable.  So check the schedule on the website and plan your weekend accordingly- this one is not to be missed!