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From Swamp to Swank

Foggy Bottom and the Monuments at Night

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Distance:  Approximately 2 miles
  • Private Tours offered
Adult (12 & Up)
Child (Under 12)
Military (Active & Retired)

About the From Swamp to Swank Tour in DC

Looking out over the National Mall, the words that come to mind are usually “pristine,” “beautiful,” and “majestic.” A word that does not come to mind is “swamp.” But that is exactly what the Mall used to be, along with its neighbor, Foggy Bottom, although you would never know it today. On the From Swamp to Swank™ – Foggy Bottom and Monuments at Night™ tour there is so much to see and talk about within two and a half hours that your jaw might just get sore from dropping – and to think it all used to be a smelly, filthy swamp!

While it may look small on a map, Foggy Bottom sure does pack a punch and we’re ready to show you this area on a great DC walking tour! As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it is overflowing with interesting history. For example, Foggy Bottom’s earliest settlers were German immigrants who can proudly claim that they produced the District’s first product: beer. The OSS, the predecessor to the CIA which was instrumental in winning World War II, used to call Foggy Bottom home as well. This single zip code also boasts The George Washington University, the State Department, the infamous Watergate, the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, swanky restaurants, and posh residences.

Though Foggy Bottom may house enough sites for its own visit, it is truly only the opening act for this walking tour. After crossing Constitution Avenue, we hit the main event: the National Mall. We take you to some of the most iconic spots along the Mall, including the Lincoln, World War II, and Vietnam War Memorials. These sites reach a new level of awe-inspiring power with the stars and moon as their backdrop. Along the way, we also introduce you to some interesting characters who have left their stamp on the world, like Kilroy and the Know Nothing Party.

We conclude the sightseeing tour of the District on the same hilltop that houses the Washington Monument, a site that is even more impressive at night. From there you can gaze upon the brilliantly illuminated White House and the spectacularly lit Capitol building in the distance. By the end of the tour, you leave with such an intimate knowledge of the nation’s most recognizable park that you might not recognize yourself. So, what are you waiting for???