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Museums in a Day

A half-day tour, with an emphasis on museums

Quick Details

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Flexible itinerary available—just ask!

Tourists would be remiss to travel to DC without perusing the fascinating modern art of the Hirshhorn, greeting our ancestors at the Natural History Museum, or witnessing man’s greatest adventures at the National Air and Space Museum. But with so much to see, touring the museums can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience, and you never know if you’re missing out on the best the museums have to offer.

That’s where we come in with our DC Museums in a Day tour. We’ve done all the homework for you. We’ve researched, and researched, and explored, and researched some more, until we became experts on every museum on the National Mall. We know the secrets behind the museums’ most popular exhibits, as well as the hidden treasures that the average visitor walks right past without a second look. But we also know all about the museums themselves: their history, their missions, the architecture behind their stunning buildings, and the lovely surrounding gardens that each tell a story.

Once we had the facts down, we were able to pinpoint the true must-sees of each museum, and create a plan of attack so that we can show you everything in one day. That’s right. Give us six hours, and we will give you the Smithsonian Institution under your belt on this incredible museums tour of DC.  We take you to the Portrait Art Gallery, where you can see the faces behind our stories; the Hirshhorn Museum, home to contemporary art and a stunning view of downtown DC; the American History Museum, to see Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers and a famous old flag; the Natural History Museum, where the Hope Diamond lies waiting for its next victim; the Air and Space Museum, which holds the secrets of the universe; and the Freer Gallery, where the East meets the West. Along the way, we visit statues in outdoor sculpture gardens that play tricks on your eyes and weave their own tales.

By the end of your Museums in a Day tour, you’re more than satisfied knowing you got the full DC museums experience, and then some. Of course, we never let you leave without our signature souvenirs, and the comfort knowing you’ve made a friendship with DC Insider Tours that lasts long after your tour ends.